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Cloke is a clothing brand for people who don't like parading brands. They make tees and hoodies that are unlabelled - for people to wear blank or have their own designs screen printed on them. Either way, the gear is just as good (mostly better) than their 'branded' counterparts.

We were tasked with designing a bespoke Shopify e-commerce website that captured the unconventional attitude of the Cloke brand.

Audiences should always come first. This website had to appeal to the young surfers, skaters and sports teams that buy Cloke’s gear. These are people who like to walk their own path and prefer brands who do the same. We ensured the first impression when arriving on the Cloke website was one that suggested exactly this.

This is Gen Z we’re talking about - 75% use their smartphones to shop online. So we adopted a mobile-first approach when designing the website, working our way up to a well-considered desktop experience.

The website was developed on the Shopify platform to provide the Cloke team with all the e-commerce features they required, including shipping and inventory management integration, order limits and hundreds of product variations.

The interface design itself is completely bespoke, we designed multiple page layouts that consider every content inclusion. We worked in unique hover states, page transitions and micro-interactions to enhance the overall user experience.

Acknowledgement should also be given to Atticus Road who led the development of the Cloke brand and messaging - we enjoyed working closely with their team on this website.