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Cloke is a clothing brand for people who don't like parading brands. They design tees and hoodies that are unlabelled - wear them blank or get your own stuff screen printed on them. Either way, their gear is just as good (mostly better) than their 'branded' counterparts. They just don't think it's right to pay a 'brand tax' for a bunch of cheese roll eating Southlanders. They said that, not us.

The Cloke brand is full of this sort of unconventional attitude, and our brief was to design and build an e-commerce website that was befitting such a brand. It had to appeal to the surfers, skaters and sports teams that wear their gear. Mostly younger generations, hence the adoption of mobile-first design that is fun and features plenty of cool user interactions.

Cloke Clothing Mobile Website
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Cloke Clothing Mobile Website
Cloke Clothing Mobile Website
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