We're a Dunedin based design studio focused on creating great experiences between brands and people.

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Branding, graphic design and website solutions that are always fresh, engaging, and highly-crafted. We sweat the details, use the best technologies... you get the point. What you need to know is we're really good at it.

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The first step to any successful collaboration is getting to know each other. We'll meet with you and swap stories about business principles, brand vision and your product/service, as we build a picture of how best to approach your project. Together we scope a solution that is right for your business - we don't do off-the-shelf solutions.


Our creative process is driven by strategy. Through workshops and research, we further our understanding of your strategic objectives, brand, and audience. We find new ways to solve problems, to make things more useful, and help your target audience better identify with your brand.


Whether designing for online or offline, we always sweat the details. This means putting in the extra effort to create experiences that audiences appreciate, to design things as close to perfect as we can get it, and infusing the spirit of the brand every step of the way.


We will take your digital idea from concept to reality with the latest web technologies. We are full-stack developers – which means we code visually stunning user-experiences, and orchestrate all the behind-the-scenes magic that powers them.

The Bold Team

Phillip Gray

Co-Founder & Developer

Phill is a full-stack developer who speaks creativity as a second language, understanding design ambitions and then delivering them to the highest level of pixel perfection. HTML5, CSS, WebGL, CMS, e-commerce - you name it, he's all over it

Andy Giesecke

Co-Founder & Designer

A rare mix of latino flare and german precision distinguishes Andy’s work. His broad skillset make him, not just a kickass graphic designer, but also a great photographer.

Tim Green

Co-founder and Producer

A wise & calm pipe-puffing man of reason. Tim wears many hats in our studio - growing our relationships, leading client workshops, developing brand strategy, and coordinating our projects.

Ben Feather


Ben is an awesome web developer who doesn’t really want a bio. Filling in space, filling in space, filling in space, filling in space, filling in space, filling in space, filling in space.

¿¿ Qué es esto ??

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Our story began as uninvited guests to a circus-themed birthday party with a bunch of B-list New Zealand celebrities. After dancing the night away to some 80's classics, and going deep into the meaning of life with Lionel from Shortland Street, we made a pact to ditch our agency jobs and start our own kick-ass studio.

We established ourselves as a studio striving for quality over growth. Small enough where everyone is hands-on and cares greatly for the result of each project. We wanted our work to really make a difference to both our clients and their customers. And we wanted to work hard but play hard too. This is precisely what we do.

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