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Crew Technology Recruitment


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Crew is one of the few recruitment teams in New Zealand that specialise exclusively in the tech industry. We’ve experienced firsthand how good this team is at recruitment, so it was a delight to be able to return the favour when they commissioned us to redesign their website.

In designing the Crew website we aimed to capture the fun and easy-going nature of the Crew team, creating a web experience that technology job seekers and employers could geek out about.

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Recruitment websites are plagued with the expected stock imagery of people happy at work, shaking hands with their new employer, or the pinnacle of stock imagery: a fork in the road... “which path will you take?”. We decided to ditch the idea of photography altogether (aside from some slick team shots we took ourselves) and focused on type and layout as the primary stylistic features.

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The split-screen + infinite scroll idea was born, which worked well with the dichotomy of Crew’s brand colours. We utilised fluid text sizes and an 8-bit retro display font to put smiles on the faces of those who remember technology from the 90s. We took this further with custom 8-bit cursors, page transitions and even a hidden easter egg. A slightly different approach was adopted for mobile to ensure a great user experience here too.

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We integrated Crew’s recruitment software, JobAdder, so any new job listings the team publish appear automatically on the website. This saves the Crew team a great deal of time when they are flat-out recruiting.

Curious? We highly recommend trying out the site on desktop for the full experience. Let us know if you find the easter egg.