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Peregrine Wines have achieved global acclaim for their wines, architectural accolades for their wing spanned winery and true excellence in their customer service programmes.

In designing their new website, our objective was to achieve similar feats with a beautiful bespoke e-commerce solution. 

Peregrine Website Design on Mockup Laptop

We designed a contemporary, minimalist home page that champions the Peregrine brand and their expression ‘wine with altitude’ with aerial video surveying the tremendous landscape of their vineyard. This creates an impactful first impression that speaks confidence and quality. It helps convey a brand that is deserving of its audience’s trust.

The website’s product page layouts feature large format photographs of Peregrine wine bottles, large type and plenty of clear space for these design elements to breathe. This contributes to a premium, editorial feel when browsing their products.

Peregrine Ecommerce Website Product Detail Page Design

This is then paired with soft movements and subtle parallax when scrolling, well-considered page transitions between content and engaging micro interactions during purchase that help inform and keep users engaged.

Great visual content is crucial to telling a brand story and harnessing the power of emotion and consistency. We spent time with the Peregrine team to capture photography so we could do exactly this.

Peregrine Website Design of Story Page
Peregrine Website Design Architecture Page

The Peregrine website was designed and built back in 2016, but still today it remains refreshing and contemporary. Following launch, Peregrine experienced a considerable upsurge in online sales and have continued to work with us since. We have further developed this website to provide exclusive purchase opportunities for Peregrine club members, along with a secure portal for trade customers to place orders. This portal integrates with Peregrine’s CRM and accounting software, helping save time and increase team productivity.