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In 2011 Cycle World made Dunedin its home. Since then, they have become an integral part of the Dunedin cycling community. Upon reflection, they felt deserving of a new brand identity that better represented their values and team who inspire, empower and support the community in making the most of cycling. 

They collaborated with us to reimagine their new brand identity through naming, graphic design, signage, print assets and an ecommerce website.

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We explored the brand in workshops and honed in on the key foundations of the brand: Family, Passion, Innovation, Reliability. These inspired the naming, graphic identity, and all the assets we've designed for Bike House.

We were given the challenge to find a brand name that encapsulated their values and presented the brand to its community as a place to share the stoke for cycling. Bike House was born!

The main logo finds its balance between racing speed and a cruisy ride. It is simple and welcoming yet unique and timeless. It is a badge to be worn with pride by the Dunedin cycling community at large.

03 bike house logomark

We also developed a logomark as a supporting graphic to the brand visual identity. It combines in a more literal way, a bike and a house.

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We provided photographic direction which was perfectly executed by Jemma Wells who managed to capture the essence of the brand and the people behind it in every shot she took.

05 bike house colour palette3

The development of a second store meant the brand needed to be designed as a logo family. The main logo; Dunedin plus both sub-brands - Sport and Lifestyle were differentiated by their tagline and colour palette. The earthy colours selected were inspired by Otago landscapes.

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We custom designed and developed an ecommerce website that has elevated Bike House to the next level.

On the surface, it's an elegant and intuitive experience effortlessly guiding users through different pathways. One pathway takes the user through the Bike House story and connects them to the large community of riders all sharing the same passion. The other pathway ensures an easy to understand process of finding products and making a purchase. All the while, micro interactions and clever use of animations leave a polished and premium impression.

08 bike house mobile website

When it comes to a fully integrated ecommerce website, Shopify is the superior choice of platform which is why we used it for Bike House. From powerful out of the box features, to hundreds of purpose built apps, there is a solution for everything. The Bike House website connects directly to their point of sale system, meaning all products and inventory are easily managed in a single place. Other integrations include email marketing and Instagram.

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The Bike House team produced a large collection of branded products and merchandise.

12 bike house merchandise