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We worked alongside Central Otago winegrowers to design a new brand identity and website that helps promote Central Otago Wine to the world.

Central Otago Wine Brand Workshop

Some of Central Otago's great wine-makers and marketers joined us for a discovery workshop, where we learned more about this relatively young wine-producing region and why it is the rising star of the wine industry. Insights from this workshop inspired the design of a contemporary and sophisticated brand identity for Central Otago Winegrowers to use across marketing platforms and events.

Central Otago Wine Marketing Communications

Collaboration, craft, intensity, juxtaposition, premium - these are some of the key constructs that inspired the art direction. The brand identity features a customised logomark and semi-serif font, a sophisticated mat black and white colour palette, striking patterns and textures, and high contrast photography.

Central Otago Wine Brand Guidelines Design

The design and development of a new website promoting the region followed. This site was designed to engage people in the Central Otago wine story, and provide tools and information to wine tourists planning to explore the region. Throughout the site, interactions and animations enrich the experience and art direction.

Central Otago Wine Region page design
Central Otago Wine Website Mobile View
Central Otago Wine Logo Design