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Mitchell Daysh is a specialist environmental and planning consultancy - they're the best of the best at what they do, advising on some of the country’s most complex planning and resource management issues.

We were tasked with distilling the Mitchell Daysh story into a simple engaging web experience that helped set their consultancy apart from others.

We kicked off by getting some of the Mitchell Daysh team into the studio so we could learn the ropes and tropes of the planning industry. The projects their team take on are some of the most important and exciting developments in New Zealand - including new airports and ports, renewable energy and urban development. They require an incredible depth of knowledge and experience across planning, policy and legislation, the environment and cultural landscape.

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The website strategy was looking clear - let’s share the stories behind these amazing projects and the challenges that the Mitchell Daysh team helped overcome. We soon realised however that there is a great deal of confidentiality behind the projects, and that going deep into the complexities of the resource management act is just as uplifting as us talking about programming languages. So instead we gave focus to how Mitchell Daysh goes about its work - taking a team approach to planning that harnesses the strength and breadth of their collective expertise. We took a light touch to telling their story and covering the sectors they work across to ensure users easily understand what makes them great.

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The website design itself is contemporary and refreshing in an industry that is plagued with sameness and stock photography. Type is a key design feature and subtle text animation and transitions help keep users engaged across the site.

We took friendly and relaxed photographs of Mitchell Daysh staff here in Dunedin and collaborated with photographers in Auckland and Napier to capture staff in other parts of the country. 

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