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Nestled on the esplanade in St Clair is tītī, a restaurant founded by award-winning chef Hannes Bareiter and wife Melanie Hartmann. 

We were involved from the conception to the completion of this new restaurant - designing the brand identity, signage, print collateral, photography and website.

We designed a distinguishable logo that captures the essence of the brand with great simplicity. The wavy, hand-lettered logotype was inspired by the sweeping ocean views of the restaurant. This brand identity looks to be natural, welcoming yet confident and sophisticated.

tītī uses only fresh, seasonal produce with a menu that evolves within each season to celebrate ingredients at their peak. We produced a variety of photography, including clean simple photos of beautifully presented dishes, and high contrast photos that emphasise the natural colours and textures of fresh produce.

We named the restaurant tītī, after the iconic seabird (also known as the Sooty Shearwater, or Muttonbird) that nests on the Dunedin and wider southern coastline. There is a Maori saying, Ka Tangi te Tītī, that describes a humble tītī - that travels the world seeking opportunities but always staying firmly focused on its home.

This saying reflected the ethos behind the brand, whose chefs and menu are inspired by travel, but firmly focused on their role in the local community.

A series of organic textures were designed as a supporting graphic element for the brand identity, along with a deep and rich colour palette that changes with the seasons in accordance with tītī’s menu.

Careful consideration was taken when selecting paper stocks for various printed assets.

We also developed a smart single-page website that tells the tītī story, promoting the experience and providing a convenient and easy way for guests to make reservations.